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Colonoscopy Course


About the course:

The SOLUTECMED ( and Cirurgia & Video provide the Colonscopy course.

The course is held in Brasília-DF - Brazil.

From 08 days for basic training*, the student takes exams with the teacher and his team.
*A student is required to complete the course for at least 8 days. But it can be purchased as many days as you want.

We guarantee a minimum of 26 exams** (contractual). But, as the student takes the exams of the day, it can reach up to 40 at the end of the course.
**For 8 day basic contract. An average of 3.25 exams per day is foreseen.

01 student per day, which guarantees greater use and full attention from the teacher.

- Two-handed technique

Students from different locations. Talk to the salesperson and ask for referrals from colleagues who have taken the course.


- Methodology: Practical course, the student discusses matters with the teacher. We recommend studying before starting the course. If the student is able, he can take exams on the first day.

- Training of the nursing technician: We offer a modular course to your nursing technician, which will address the following issues: preparation of the patient and equipment for the exam, preparation of medication and venous access, cleaning and sterilization of equipment before and after the exam , equipment care.

Therapeutic Colonoscopy / Surgical Center:

The course offers diagnostic colonoscopy, exams only.
But it is quite common to have polyps removed. In this case, this procedure is preferably performed by the student.
If a patient needs to undergo a therapeutic procedure, the student can accompany and assist the teacher.
If the professor has any surgery scheduled during the course, the student will be able to follow up.

More information:

- Certification: The student receives a certificate from our company with a maximum of 70 hours/class.

- What are the prerequisites for taking the course: Proof of training in medicine in your country, familiarity with the equipment and passing the curriculum analysis. If the student does not have basic knowledge, we can accept him after curriculum analysis and require him to work extra days.

- We have a local team to offer logistical support and translator (on demand). We recommend hotel, restaurant and basic structure during the course.

About the teacher:

Dr Daniel Landi - CRM 18743 DF e 15891 GO
Specialist in general surgery, video surgery and proctology. Postgraduate in nutrology.

Investment and dates:

Send us a message using the contact form or whatsapp. Exclusive contact by whatsapp.


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